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One smart and centralized digital notebook to prepare cross-examination questions. 

Step #1: Create a witness persona

Develop a clear plan to know who you are questioning & how they fit within the theory of your case. 

Aleri Focus Sheet

Step #2: Find ways to destroy their character

Aleri provides every single possible route to challenge your witness' reliability, credibility and plausibility. Find their weak spots, and exploit them. 

Aleri Checklist

Step 3: Condense  statements & transcripts

Ever received a huge file of statements or transcripts? This document helps you strip  them down into the just the relevant portions. 

Aleri Statement Summaries

Step #4: Extract facts, then categorize by topic

Extract just the facts from witness statements & transcripts, then categorize by topic for simpler question building in step 6

Aleri Topics by Facts

Step #5: Find inconsistent statements

List, then compare and contrast various witness statements and pieces of evidence. By demonstrating inconsistencies, you prove that your witness is less credible, reliable and plausible.  

Aleri Preparation Chart

Step #6: Create your questions

Congratulations, you've successfully completed all of the required steps in order to begin composing winning cross examination questions. 

Aleri Questions

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