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Outstanding Organization. 

Crystal clear organization of your pre-trial notes

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Aleri Split Screen

Cross-examination software that gets results

One smart and centralized digital notebook to prepare cross examination questions. 

Step #1: Create a witness persona

Develop a clear plan to know who you are questioning & how they fit within the theory of your case. 

Aleri Focus Sheet
Aleri Checklist

Step #2: Find ways to destroy their character

Aleri provides every single possible route to challenge your witness' reliability, credibility and plausibility. Find their weak spots, and exploit them. 

Step 3: Condense  statements & transcripts

Ever received a huge file of statements or transcripts? This document helps you strip  them down into the just the relevant portions. 

Aleri Statement Summaries

Document organization is only the beginning

Step #4: Extract facts, then categorize by topic

Extract just the facts from witness statements & transcripts, then categorize by topic for simpler question building in step 6

Aleri Topics by Facts
Aleri Preparation Chart

Step #5: Find inconsistent statements

List, then compare and contrast various witness statements and pieces of evidence. By demonstrating inconsistencies, you prove that your witness is less credible, reliable and plausible.  


Step #6: Create your questions

Congratulations, you've successfully completed all of the required steps in order to begin composing winning cross examination questions. 

Aleri Questions

Better trial preparation starts here.