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Aleri will guide you through the best way to prepare effective cross-examination questions. Put your textbook down and try Aleri.

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Selected students will receive access to our education program and its perks. Credit is good for one year.

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Easily follow a step by step process that builds your cross-examination questions with you. This will help you build a foundation in litigation. You'll also stand out and be more independent in your first job.

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Litigation Preparation Cross Examination

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Give yourself an edge by utilizing real software that modern lawyers use to prepare for real cases.  

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Familiarizing yourself with Aleri's software will allow you to quickly hit the ground running, and show your team that you've gone above and beyond. 

Law Student Interview - Mock Trial
Mock Trial Law School - Legal Tech

Aleri for Mock Trials

Practice creating cross-examination questions in mock trials with Aleri to get ready for the real world.

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