New Law Firms

 Start on top

We level the playing field for new law firms by equipping you with Aleri's cutting edge trial preparation software. If your law firm is under 2 years of age, you may be eligible receive free membership using Aleri credits. 

Apply Today for $2000 in Aleri credit


Selected law firms will receive access to our new law firm program and its perks. Credit is good for 1 year.

The same playing field

Power your law firm 

Easily prepare for trials by using the same technology that mature law firms are using.

Seamless Organization

Have all of your trial preparation notes on a single, centralized platform.

New Law Firm

Access to the best tools for trial preparation

Serve clients, grow your reputation

Using Aleri, you will have access the leading cross-examination preparation platform. Use the power of technology to increase your performance.


One Notebook

Easily manage any and all trial notes on a single platform. Store past, present and future cases on our software, and pull every point of data at your finger tips.

Scale Efficiently 

Easily scale your law firm using our software. Have everyone on the same page, anywhere, anytime.


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