Unlimited Case Storage

Aleri grows alongside your firm

We support your growth with increasing storage capacity, membership seats, features that aid you manage trial preparation, and so much more.

Grow Law Firm

Re-use the Aleri process as many times as you’d like.

Take advantage of Aleri’s unlimited data storage to create and keep your cases.

Your own personal database of cases

Ever want to re-visit prior cases? Many lawyers do in order to reference similar cases in order to re-use litigation strategies that have worked. With Aleri, you can build your own knowledge database.

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Use filters to search through your cases.

The Aleri search allows you to search for any keyword, document, file, video, or transcript, anywhere at anytime.

Legal Search
Case Storage

Capture your cases. Build your database.

Scale your storage with Aleri. Never worry about running out of room, or losing information.

Leverage & utilize strategies from similar cases

If you recognize similar patterns from prior cases, it's a great idea to leverage the same successful strategies you've used. With Aleri, you can pull up your prior cases instantly to do just that.  

History of Law

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