One outrageously effective tool to create winning cross-examination questions.

How it Works 

What we do: Aleri provides an exact question building formula, which has been curated, fermented, and perfected over the past 30+ years. Our solution is just 6 straightforward steps (or pages) in our digital workbook, and your only task is to fill the pages out.  

Our advantage: We merge the benefits of cloud technology with century old industry best practices to bring lawyers the single most effective way to build cross-examination questions. 

Our benefit: Using Aleri, you are instantaneously equipped with a supremely powerful, all-in-one platform to create cross -examination questions, with a scientific grade of organization. 

  • Sharpen your competitive edge 
  • Unleash your potential
  • Maximize your trial success





Complete File + Document Integration

  • Instantly upload photos, videos, documents & transcripts
  • House all documents in one location
  • Highlight pdf's directly inside Aleri

Benefit: Everything you need to create questions is housed at Aleri. This makes it easier than ever to find, locate and organize every nugget of data. 

Cloud Storage & Colleague Collaboration

  • Simultaneously edit or view cases with colleagues and peers
  • View changes that colleagues are making to cases in real time
  • Aleri can store up to unlimited cases for unlimited years

Benefit: Work collaboratively with your team, from anywhere in the world with internet connection. That's the power of cloud technology. 

Export to Microsoft Word or PDF 

  • Export your entire case, or any particular page in the software to pdf or word 
  • Take your case files to court, already pre-organized with Aleri's software.

Benefit: Take your case files anywhere on the go, or share printed files with colleagues for handwritten editing. 



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