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“Aleri provides groundbreaking software for trial preparation that is both easy to use and affordable. This has improved our workflow significantly. The future of trial preparation is here.”

“If you want to go into a trial with the confidence that you have mastered the facts and are fully prepared, then Aleri is the program that will give you that confidence.”


Case Organization, Like You've Never Seen Before

Clear Cross Examination


A crystal clear software to streamline the abstract process of question composition

Consolidated Cross Examination


A single notebook integrating every file and document for all of your cases

Compartmentalized Cross Examination


Always know where to find your data, at any stage in the question building process.


One Step Closer to a More Efficient Practice

  • Neatly order every detail in the story  mapping process
  • Easily create & find pre-trial notes
  • Focus on strategy, not administrative work
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Aleri Case Management
Aleri Software

We cover organization, so you can focus on what you do best- high level strategy.

Effortlessly store, retrieve and present your case information with Aleri software technology. We enable you to pull data at your fingertips- saving you time, life’s most valuable asset.

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What is Aleri

Aleri is a software that works with you to better prepare for trial.

How can I gain access to Aleri

Click on the blue "Free Trial" button at the top right. This will bring you to a registration page. 

Do I need to pay right away

No, Aleri will only request a credit card once your 7 day free trial has come to an end.

Nobody can be a lawyer like you. Nobody does trial preparation like us.

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