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One powerful notebook that creates cross-examination questions

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Why Aleri?
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We are not just a platform. We are a community of people who want to improve.

“Aleri provides groundbreaking software for trial preparation that is both easy to use and affordable. This has improved our workflow significantly. The future of trial preparation is here.”

“If you want to go into a trial with the confidence that you have mastered the facts and are fully prepared, then Aleri is the program that will give you that confidence.”

Case Organization, Like You've Never Seen Before

Give your argument the edge

Create powerful cross-examination questions - without thinking once about organizing and maintaining your strategy.

Clear Cross Examination


A crystal clear software to streamline the abstract process of question composition

Consolidated Cross Examination


A single notebook integrating every file and document for all of your cases

Compartmentalized Cross Examination


Always know where to find your data, at any stage in the question building process.


Cross-Examination, Demystified

Aleri takes the mystery out of cross examination. Our step-by-step digital workbook provides the exact blueprint to create cross-examination questions. All you have to do, is simply fill out the workbook.

Built for litigators, by litigators.

Aleri Software

Don't reinvent the wheel, use ours.

We provide the structure to create cross-examination questions, so you can focus on what matters most - the case itself.

Why Aleri?

One Notebook. 

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The ultimate information pipeline

Together, our documents create your ultimate trial foundation.

Cross-examination workflow

Nobody can be a lawyer like you. Nobody does trial preparation like us.

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Why Aleri?