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Branding Your Firm During the COVID-19 Crisis

Branding your firm, COVID-19 style. Check out these 4 essential marketing strategies to help navigate your firm’s ...

Branding your firm, COVID-19 style. Check out these 4 essential marketing strategies to help navigate your firm’s branding activities right now.

Should marketing be a priority during the coronavirus pandemic? The answer is yes. Continuing to pursue marketing activities will be beneficial to your customers for several reasons. For one reason, thoughtful marketing allows your customers to actually feel more connected to you during this time of uncertainty. During times of crisis, consumers are looking to brands as leaders- and marketing is the way to showcase yourself as one.

Position Yourself as a Leader

Strong leadership during uncertain times is really powerful, and that’s exactly what consumers are looking for right now. This can take the shape of providing messages of hope, helping to bring people together for meaningful discussions, and also providing informative/educational content to shine a light on issues that individuals, families, communities, and businesses are facing right now.

Volunteer in an Area Relevant to Your Firm

Volunteering in general is a good thing to do, but It’s best if you choose to help provide a service in an area that's relevant to you and your firm. For example, a family lawyer may choose to provide support for domestic violence- a relevant issue since individuals are forced to spend more time with their abusers. Being able to volunteer, or offer resources to your clients in this situation is beneficial to everyone in your community.

Embrace the Human Side of Your Brand.

The days are sunny, but individuals feel lonely. Isolation is one of the largest issues that individuals are facing during the pandemic.As a company, right now is the opportunity to reach out to your clients and community to let people know that their struggles are relatable and that they are not alone. By staying virtually connected whilst appealing to the emotion side of your brand, you can establish a more personal relationship to your clients.

Use Technology to Connect

Small personal touches can go a long way for a client. For example, adding a “welcome” video to your personal biography page, is an incredible way for future clients to get a “feel” for who you are. Another example could be adding a chat box to your firm site that responds immediately to customers inquiring about a question. These tips and signature touches are relevant right now, since legal services are nearly entirely sought out online. Thus, clients will unconsciously gravitate more towards firms who help them get to know you who you are before they make that call.

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