Let's take a look inside Aleri

Aleri Cross Examination Software


#1- The Focus Sheet:

  • identifies witness strengths & weaknesses 

  • lays the foundation for each witness

  • prepares you to anticipate various question topics 

trial preparation focus sheet

#2- The Checklist:

  • Exposes every possible way to destroy your witness's reliability, credibility & plausibility

trial preparation checklist

#3: Summaries Page

Condense lengthy pre-trial statements or transcripts (of evidence) into just the portions that are relevant to your case. 

trial preparation trial preparation

#4: The Facts Page

Extract just the facts from pre-trial statements, and segment them by topic. This will help you easily create cross examination questions based on various topics, on the final worksheet in the notebook. 

Fact Tagging in trial preparation for lawyers

#5: The Preparation Chart 

Compare and contrast statements + pieces of evidence from all witnesses.

  • Easily view key witness statements + pieces of evidence
  • Find & locate discrepancies that will be useful to bring out in your cross examination
Preparation Chart For Cross-Examination

#6: The Questions Page

Each page in the notebook will aid you for this step- to begin composing your questions. Aleri segments your questions by topic for easy organization. 

Create Cross Examination Questions

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