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“Aleri has helped us be more efficient and effective in our trial preparation. Finding important case details has been very easy, and we're winning more cases because of it."

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Summarize documents, tag facts, create timelines, & more

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“If you want to go into a trial with the confidence that you have mastered the facts and are fully prepared, then Aleri is the program that will give you that confidence.”

“Aleri provides groundbreaking software for trial preparation that is both easy to use and affordable. This has improved our workflow significantly. The future of trial preparation is here.”

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Find The Details That Matter 

Our justice system is being overwhelmed with data. More data is a good thing if you can:

Search 🔎

Easily navigate the evidence to discover critical information.

Catalog 🏷️

Compare the evidence across the case, organize & tag important facts, and connect the dots.

Digest 🖊️

Take notes and create cross-examination questions with ease

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We are not just a software.

“I can see Aleri having a big impact on our justice system. Many people are unfairly convicted because they can't get the right representation. I think Aleri is on the road to changing this.”

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